I'm Nekisha!

A few years ago I moved from Montreal, Canada to Toronto where I was exposed to a great some of the people living a very fit lifestyle, and in no time it rubbed off on me. I found myself in the gym daily accomplishing outstanding results which had numerous amounts of people asking me for my workout routine and my diet. The shock came in when I mentioned that my diet is 98% plant-based with seafood on occasion. That’s right, for 2.5 years now I don’t consume any meat, dairy or eggs yet manage to maintain my physique. I am no Guru, just a certified personal trainer with accumulated knowledge on what WORKS & what doesn’t.

With you, I would like to share simplified but effective workouts that compounded over time will give you the results that you weren’t sure were possible. Whether it is to lose weight, gain mass, feel stronger, increase your cardio or sculpt your body, I have a workout that will fit you just right.

Check out my workout list and take the JUMP! everything you need to accomplish your dream is already inside you. I believe in YOU!
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